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Inverter Modbus Communication Card

Inverter Modbus Communication Card

  • Inverter Modbus Communication Card


Type for order: EH60~485.
Service: One-stop service.
Delivery: Shipped in 5 days after payment.
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SINOVO inverter Modbus communication card is specially developed for a part of EH600M series inverter provide remote serial communication function. The main function of the MODEM communication module is to transmit the acquired data to the upper computer by the serial communication of RS-232C.

Note: SINOVO EH600M series and above EH600A11G/15P power level machine, which provided by the special communication CPU board communication related hardware interface, when ordering, please indicate special if necessary.
Using instructions:
1.Type for order: EH60~485
2.Terminal wiring instruction

Please install under the condition of the inverter fully outage and put the Modbus communication card with inverter control panel interface contact well.To avoid communication signals from outside interference, the communication connection is recommended to use twisted pair as far as possible avoid the use of parallel lines.

If user adopt the above wiring still can’t normal communication that can try to take the following measure:
A.Put the PLC(or upper computer) alone power supply or isolate to the power.
B.Using magnetic ring on communication line, if the field conditions allow, inverter carrier frequency can be appropriately reduced.
Parameter n002 has a Modbus TCP/IP specific setting. Other Modbus TCP/IP protocol specific items include:
A maximum of 10 simultaneous connections are allowed.
The Run Command and Frequency Reference may only be accessed through UNIT ID 1. While the drive is in remote RUN mode, the Run command must be continually refreshed within the Timeout setting in the configuration web page. This can be set from 100 ms to 30 sec. If the Run command is not refreshed within the set time, an EF0 fault will occur. Refer to the appropriate drive manual for information on EF0 and setting the appropriate drive response. If a UNIT ID 1 connection is active, the NS/CON LED will blink at approximately a 500 ms cycle.

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