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Solar Grid Tie Inverter

Solar Grid Tie Inverter

Solar grid tie inverter is adjustable speed motor controller designed in accordance with any IEC standard 3 phase asynchronous motor. PV pumping system convert the high voltage DC power of solar array into AC power to drive an standard 3 phase asynchronous motor thus provide water for remote areas. When the solar power is not enough, controller can be switched manually to spare single or 3 phase AC power, such as generator. This controller is functioned with fault detection, motor soft-starting, and speed control. Solar grid tie inverter is designed with the function of plug-and-play and easy to install. Solar grid tie inverter is a product of stable performance and high standard. In weak light condition, controller will try to drive pump for water lifting, but if the light is becoming weaker, then controller will reduce the speed of pump to protect the system components from damaged and shut down during some extreme circumanstances.When the special circumanstances is gone, controller will restart driving the pump.


System diagnostics

Solar grid tie inverter continuously monitor the system performance and can detect a variety of abnormal circumstance. In most cases, controller provide compensations as required to keep the non-stop operation of the system. If there is a damage, welding inverter will protect the system and display fault state. If possible, controller will restart after the fault status is gone. Fault codes and correction information please refer to the chapter of Detecting and troubleshooting.

Motor soft-starter

Generally speaking, Solar grid tie inverter will operate when there is water require-ment or electricity is available. Everytime solar PV inverter detect the water requirement, the rotating speed is always improved slowly and at the same time add motor voltage gradually. Compared to traditional water supply system, solar pumping sytem's motor temperature and starting current is much lower. PV pumping controller with soft starting function has no damage to the motor.
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