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SINOVO SD200 series frequency inverter applied in the constant pressure water supply
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SINOVO SD200 series frequency inverter applied in the constant pressure water supply

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The traditional irrigation automation are very low, it depend on the human control, even though it has the amount, it can’t control very well.

In order to develop the irrigation efficiency and save water resources, we need to develop the save water irrigation control system.

We SINOVO SD200 frequency inverter, it adopts the vector control model technology for the pump kind of motors. It has the characteristics of smooth start, stable operation and high torque, which can eliminate the water hammer effect. No upper computer, single-chip control, integrated PID control technology, simple and efficient.

I. System features:

1. System management, maintain the normal operation interface, authority, system operation parameters and control circuit of the inverter.

2. To eliminate the water hammer effect, the inverter has soft start and soft stop functions, which can well protect the water pump from the impact on the pipeline when the pump hard starts.

3. PID control mode, with automatic sleep and start functions, without personnel on duty.

4. Water saving and energy saving, constant pressure water supply, energy saving up to 30%-50%.

II. system control:

The control system consists of a control cabinet, SD200 inverter and related control devices. The control signal of the system is converted into a voltage signal or current signal by a remote pressure gauge and fed back to the inverter. The core of its control is the frequency converter. According to the set pressure, the frequency converter collects the feedback signal from the pressure gauge and reacts after reaching the given pressure value. After the pressure is lower than the given pressure value, it starts quickly to maintain the constant pressure.

III. SD200 frequency inverter principle wiring diagram

IV. SD200 debugging program

This solution uses one SD200 series inverter with a power of 22KW and a remote pressure gauge with voltage signal feedback. Soft start, low frequency and high torque output, smooth and gentle shutdown, stable current, and effective protection of the motor. Eliminate the water hammer effect and protect the pipeline. Automatic sleep, energy saving and water saving, automatic wake-up, no personnel on duty.

V. SD200 debugging parameters and instructions

F00.00=0 V/F control

F00.01=2 External terminal control

F00.06=8 PID control

F00.12=10S The acceleration time can be adjusted as required

F00.13=10S Deceleration time can be adjusted as required



F07.02=0300 Running display (PID given value, PID feedback value)

F09.01=60 Pressure setting (the percentage of the maximum range of the pressure gauge)

F09.04=20 Proportional gain I

F09.19=40 Sleep frequency

F09.20=10 Sleep delay

F09.21=60 wake-up value (percentage of pressure setting value)

F09.22=0.5 Wake-up value delay

F09.23=80 Relative to the maximum frequency of 80%, the machine starts to run to 40HZ first, and then it will be normal after a delay of 5 seconds.

F09=24=5 Frequency running


A01.00=2 AI1 lower limit (pressure sensor 4-20mA, remote pressure gauge does not need to adjust this value)

Remarks: Choose one connection method for remote pressure gauge and pressure sensor. For the pressure sensor, adjust the AI1 short-circuit cap to I, and short-circuit CM and GND.

VI. Application:

VII. Effective:

Use the frequency converter as the control core, without the upper computer, the control is simple and direct. Inverter PID control, high degree of automation, not only meets the constant pressure water supply requirements of farmland irrigation, but also saves energy and water, does not require personnel on duty, and saves costs.

Improved economic efficiency.

The smooth and soft rise of the frequency converter can well protect the water pump, eliminate the water hammer effect and protect the water pipe. The superior protection function improves the technology of the equipment and improves the quality of the product.

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