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Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter

Frequency converters are used to change the frequency and magnitude of the constant grid voltage to a variable load voltage. Frequency converters are especially used in variable frequency AC motor drives. The frequency converter basic fixed frequency , fixed voltage (220V/380V etc.) to a variable frequency (maximum frequency up to 400Hz), variable voltage (maximum voltage equal to input voltage) to control AC, the converter is a universal converter, with powerful software and a variety of control modes: onboard PID, simple PLC; high output torque, high overload capacity, which can be widely used in textile, chemical fiber, printing, plastics, light industry, machinery, chemicals, steel, paper and other industries. Frequency converter has a variety of common functions, also has a special feature for certain industries. Such as internal / external control multi-speed function;triangular wave function which suitable for textile and chemical fiber industry,;effectively replace the mechanical disturbance; maintaining a constant speed in a certain precision on unwinding and rewinding of drawing functions.

Frequency converter with a special sensorless vector control, which ensures the highest level of driving performance. Multifunction compact converter, which can easily enter the modern variable frequency converter technology. Frequency converter use PWM technology, suppress the electromagnetic interference and reduce the noise.
  • Rotary 50hz 60hz Frequency Converter Rotary 50hz 60hz Frequency Converter
    Input Voltage: Single-phase 220V, Three-phase 220V, Three-phase 380V. Output Voltage: Three-phase 380V. Type: AC-DC-AC. Output Frequency: 0-600.00Hz. Output Current: 4.7A-8.5A
  • Variable Speed Static Frequency Converter Variable Speed Static Frequency Converter
    Inverter type: Low Frequency Transformer Inverter. Warranty: 18 months. Communications: Internal RS485. HS code: 85044090. LED display: Display each parameter of function code group.
  • V/F Variable Speed Changer Frequency Converter V/F Variable Speed Changer Frequency Converter
    Maximum output frequency: 0~600Hz. Carrier frequency: 1.0kHz~12kHz;According to the load characteristics,carrier frequency can be adjusted automatically. Control mode: V/F. Speed range: 1:50(SVC); 1Hz/150% rated torque;
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