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Solar Pump Controllers

Solar Pump Controllers

  • Solar Pump Controllers


Place of origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Item: pump controller
HS code: 8504403090
Working mode: Max. power point tracking
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Solar PV pump controller attempts to drive water pumps to lift water even in severe weather conditions. In order to ensure reliable service life, it must to be protected all system components stay away from some factors that could damage the device. When there is a bad situation, if necessary, the controller will reduce the output, continue to water delivery as much as possible, and  close in extreme cases. Once the severe situation is slowed down, the controller will automatically try to resume operation.

Solar PV pump controller possess 20 alarm information and protection functions, once occur abnormal, protective function, controller stop output and fault relay contact, display fault codes on the controller display panel. Using the information given in this chapter, most alarm and fault cause can be identified and corrected. If not, contact with our company.

Controller may have following faults or malfunctions during operation, please refer to the following solutions:
1. No display after power on:
1) Inspect whether the voltage of power supply is the same as the controller rated voltage or not with multi-meter. If the power supply has problem, inspect and solve it. 
2) Inspect whether the three-phase rectify bridge is in good condition or not. If the rectification bridge is burst out, ask for support.
3) Check the CHARGE light. If the light is off, the fault is mainly in the rectify bridge or the buffer resistor. If the light is on, the fault may be lies in the switching power supply. Please ask for support.

2. Power on operation panel display “CE”:
Inspect whether the keypad and master control board wiring is normal once they appear fault.

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