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DC to AC Solar Inverters

DC to AC Solar Inverters

  • DC to AC Solar Inverters


Vibration: Less than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)
Storage temperature: -20°C~+70°C
Rated Output Voltage: Three Phase 380V
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Motor Insulation Test
Perform the insulation test when the motor is used for the first time, or when it is reused after being stored for a long time, or in a regular check-up, in order to prevent the poor insulation of motor windings from damaging the controller during the insulation test. A 500-V mega-Ohm meter is recommended for the test. The insulation resistance must not be less than 5 MΩ.

Thermal Protection of Motor

If the selected controller does not match the rated capacity of the motor , especially when the rated power of the controller is higher than that of the motor, adjust the parameters for motor protection in the controller or to install thermal relay to protect the motor .

Running Above Rated Frequency

The controller provides frequency output of 0 to 650.00Hz. If the controller is required to run at over 50Hz, please consider the capacity of the machine.

Vibration of mechanical device

The controller may encounter the mechanical resonance point at some output frequencies, which can be avoided by setting the skip frequency. If the operating frequency of the customer coincide with the resonant frequency please modify the operating frequency or change the inherent resonance frequency of the mechanical system.

Motor heat and noise

The output of the controller is pulse width modulation (PWM) wave with certain harmonic frequencies, and therefore, the motor temperature, noise, and vibration are slightly greater than those when the controller runs at power frequency (50 Hz).

Voltage-sensitive device or capacitor on output side of the controller

Do not install the capacitor for improving power factor or lightning protection voltage-sensitive resistor on the output side of the controller because the output of the controller is PWM wave. Otherwise, the controller may suffer transient overcurrent or even be damaged.

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