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Electric Control LED Operation Panel

Electric Control LED Operation Panel

  • Electric Control LED Operation Panel


Multi-function I / O expansion card:
Increase 3 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, two relay outputs, two analog voltage input T_Motor.
It applies to all models.
Modbus communication card:
One RS - 485 communication card, one CAN communication card.
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  • Product Detail

Using the extend panel, display and adjustment of the inverter can be controlled remote from 5 meters apart from it. This operation manual gives explanations of connecting method of the “Extended panel” and others. The extended panel is not provided with connection cable between the inverter and option unit.

Keypad dimension:

Electric Control LED Operation Panelopening diamension diagranm of LED Operation Panel Optional Accessory

LED panel specification

Internal braking unit: Models power under 22KW are installed with the internal braking unit as standard
For 30KW model power,the braking unit is optional.
Externalbraking unit:
37KW and above need to be configured with an external braking unit.
Multiple braking units are connected in parallel for the models above 90KW.

Differential encoder interface card:
It is the differential resolver interface card.
It is adaptable to 5 V power supply.
It applies to all models.
Resolver Interface card:
It is applied to the resolver.
10 kHz excitation frequency, DB9
It applies to all models.

Open collector encoder interface card:
An open-collector encoder interface card
It applies to all models.
External LCD panel:
External LCD display and keypad, you supply copy parameters
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