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Waterproof Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Waterproof Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Waterproof Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Specification: Normal
Load power: Depend on the application
Mounting rack: On the roof or on the ground
Material: Polycrystalline silicon
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  • Product Detail

SP200 PV pump controller can start the pump softly and is consistent with the electricity coming from the changes providing by solar panels. The advantage of soft starting is avoid surge or power surges  when the pump or motor are in the process of starting, which reduce the loss of motor and pumping system.

The Waterproof Pure Sine Wave Inverter Uses IP67 waterproof streamline design which is able to prevent rainwater on the surface erosion effectively. It's built-in high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) function. Better is able to track changes in the solar luminosity and control different output power, Effectively capture and collect sunlight. AC electric power transmission using the reverse transmission technology. The inverter output power can provide load priority use, Extra electricity to the grid, Efficient use of the inverter to the power emitted, Electricity transmission rate of up to 99%.
• Pure sine wave ouput.
• High performance maximum power point tracking(MPPT).
• Power automatically locked(APL).
• Reverse power transmission
• High frequency,High conversion rate.
• Anti-Islanding Protect.
• Input /output is fully isolated to protect the electrical safety.
• Multiple parallel stacking.
• Power Line Communications
• IP67 WaterProof
• Intelligent Monitoring Systems
• Smaller Size & Lighter Weight
• The Leading Patent Technology.
• Flexible Installation.
• Simplify maintenance (user serviceable)
• Installation and maintenance costs low

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