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Solar Grid Tie PV Pump Inverter

Solar Grid Tie PV Pump Inverter

  • Solar Grid Tie PV Pump Inverter


Output power: 0.7-400KW
Weight: 2.4~415kg
Type: DC/AC Inverters
Interface material: Aluminum alloy
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Solar Grid Tie PV Pump Inverter Functions:
Overheating monitoring

Solar grid tie PV pump inverter can run at full power when the ambient temperature reaches 45℃. For temperature above 45℃, inverter will keep on running by reducing output power. When the controller temperature cooled to safety point, it will run at full power output.

Water level float switch

Solar grid tie PV pump inverter can connect 2 water level detecting switch to detect pump running by remote control. Water level switch is optional to the controller, it is not required.

PV water pump inverter's input power terminals can be switched to spare AC power supply manually.

Spare AC power supply switch

Note: Based on different models, PV pump inverter input power could be 220v AC single power, or 380V AC 3 phase power. For more information, please contact SINOVO or certified agent. When the system is running by spare AC power, please check the DC power every 30 min/s. If the AC power is applicable, then stop the controller and switch to the AC power and try to run the pump at the AC power driving way.


DC circuit switching and generator power switch installation are required and both switches should be mutually locked to prevent they were connected at the same time which lead to the solar panels and generator connect PV pump inverter simultaneously. Please check if the design meets electrical specifications of relative country and area.

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