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Inverter External Operation Panel

Inverter External Operation Panel

  • Inverter External Operation Panel


Main Key words: China external panel, best inverter operation panel.
Keypad operation: operate the AC drive via operations panel.
Three-level menus: Group number of function code, tab of function code, set value of function code.
Color: black.
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The AC drive has three-level menus, they are: Group number of function code(first-level menu). Tab of function code(second-level menu) . Set value of function code(third-level menu).

Operation procedure on the operation panel.

external panel specification


Press both the "PRG" and the "ENTER" key to return to level2 menu from the level3 menu. The difference is:
pressing "ENTER" will save the set parameters into the control panel, and then return to the level2 menu with shifting to the next function code automatically; while pressing  "PRG" will directly return to the level 2 menu without saving the parameters, and keep staying at the current function code.
Iin Level 3 menu, if the parameter has no blinking digit, it means that the parameter cannot be modified. This may be because:
a. Such a function code is only readable, such as, AC drive model, actually detected parameter and running record parameter.
b. Such a function code cannot be modified in the running state and can only be changed at stop
Example: Set function code F0C.02 from 10.00hz to 15hz.

specification of external panel

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