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PV Power Solar Pump Inverter

PV Power Solar Pump Inverter

  • PV Power Solar Pump Inverter


Payment term: T/T 30% prepayment, 70% balance paid before shipping.
Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment
Display: LCD, LED for solar panel
Communication interface: RSA85
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Well low water level probe wire (optional)
To avoid the damage of the pump due to pumping in dry condition, well probe can be connected to the control terminals of PV Pump Inverter to detect the well water level, the length of the well probe should not exceeds 50m.If there is no well probe to detect the water level, please keep the 2 terminals of the controller shorted( It is shorted before leaving factory). The well water level also can be detected by the built-in water shortage detecting software of the inverter.

Water tower water level floating ball wiring (optional)

We suggest use one floating ball switch to prevent the overflow of the reservoir, pump will shut down once the reservoir is full. Pump will restart when it is in lower water level. In this way, unnessary pump damage is reduced. PV power solar pump inverter enable small terminal wire to connect to the remote floating ball switch even if the reservoirs location is far away.

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Floating ball switch requirements:
1.Terminals wiring is required
2. Minimum wire diameter is 1mm², longest distance is 600m
3. If applied in long distance transmission, shielding wire is must be used,  shields near the controller need to be grounded,  where near the floating ball switch don't need to be grounded.

If don't apply floating ball switch, then DI5 has to be short with COM.

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