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Solar Power Hybrid Inverter

Solar Power Hybrid Inverter

  • Solar Power Hybrid Inverter


Build-in Protection: lightning-proof, over current, over voltage, output phase protection, underrun, under voltage, short circuit, overheat and pumps run dry.
Temperature: -10°C~+40°C
Humidity: 5~95%, no condensation
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Solar Power Hybrid Inverter belong to electric product, when operate, it will heating. Therefore, it is necessary for daily and periodic maintenance and clear.

Routine cleaning involves:
1. Keep the controller clean all the time.
2. Remove the dust, especially metal powder on the surface of the controller, to prevent the dust from entering the controller.
3. Clear the oil stain on the cooling fan of the controller.

Periodic Maintenance
In order to prevent the fault of controller to make it operate in high-performance for a long time, user must inspect the controller periodically (within half year). The following table indicates the inspection content.

pv pump

Before measuring the insulating resistance with megameter (500VDC megameter recommended), disconnected the main circuit from the controller. Do not use the insulating resistance meter to test the insulation of the control circuit. The high voltage test need not be performed again because it has been completed before delivery.

Replacement of Vulnerable Components

The vulnerable components of the controller are cooling fan and filter electrolytic capacitor. Their service life is related to the operating environment and maintenance status. Generally, the service life is shown as follows:

solar grid inverter

Storage of the Inverter

For storage of the Inverter, pay attention to the following two aspects.

1.  Pack the controller with the original packing box provided by Our company.
2.  Long-term storage degrades the electrolytic capacitor. Thus, the controller must be energized once every 2 years, each time lasting at least 5 hours. The input voltage must be increased slowly to the rated value with the regulator.

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