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Pure PV Solar Pump Grid Inverter

Pure PV Solar Pump Grid Inverter

  • Pure PV Solar Pump Grid Inverter


Brand Name: SINOVO, OEM
Output Type: Triple
Output frequency: 50hz/60hz
Model Number: SP200 series
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Main Circuit Terminal:

PV solor grid inverter

The main circuit terminals function description is as follows:

specification of PV solor grid inverter

Control Circuit Terminal

pv water pump

Control circuit terminals
Terminal Diagram
For solar pumping system, Dual DC circuit breaker must be installed between PV array and SP200 PV Pump Controller. Connect the cable of the bottom part of dual DC breaker marked as "+" and "-" to SP200 PV Pump Controller wiring terminals "+" and "-".
R、S、T terminals has the feature of protection against reverse polarity, DC power can connect to  R、S、T terminals, and don't need to consider the phase sequence.

Junction box connection
If the solar panels series parallels is too many, then junction box is required to converge the current of the solar array. Junction box is required to install fuse, surge protector, DC switch within it. Fuse and DC switch is helpful to protect from short circuit, surge protector has the effect of lighting protection along DC side. Junction box must be sealed and waterproof.

Ground connection
The ground terminal on the controller (E) is marked as an icon, please connect to ground, if motor fails, proper grounding helps eliminate electric shock risk.

Motor wiring
Connect the 4 wires of the cable to controller's  U,V,W,E terminals from the motor. Motor international wiring diagram is as following 9. Check the motor wiring to make sure the installation is correct.


If the pump reverse, then please reverse any 2 wires.

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