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Rotary 50hz 60hz Frequency Converter

Rotary 50hz 60hz Frequency Converter

  • Rotary 50hz 60hz Frequency Converter


Input Voltage: Single-phase 220V, Three-phase 220V, Three-phase 380V.
Output Voltage: Three-phase 380V.
Type: AC-DC-AC.
Output Frequency: 0-600.00Hz.
Output Current: 4.7A-8.5A
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Frequency converter is a kind of machine that can be converted to AC power supply voltage and frequency as well as electrical isolation between the two AC power supply.
Basically, there are two types of converters respective which are the rotary converter and static converter. Both of these two have different characteristics to suit different types of applications.
The rotary frequency converter used a AC generator or alternator to generate the required frequency and voltage by using the AC source frequency and voltage of the motor drive. The coupling between motor and generator is a belt and pulley system or direct coupling. Therefore, it is called rotary frequency converter. In the early days, it was also MG set which stands for motor and generator.

The key features are:
A.The input and output of the converter is completely isolated by mechanical coupling which is ideal for frequency conversion applications
B.The generator produce pure sine wave AC power which is not sensitive to shock current and lighting
C.The product is cable to support high volume or high voltage applications
D.The rugged with moisture and heat resistant structure make it suitable for outdoor applications
E.The output can be synchronized for parallel and load sharing application which is ideal for energy saving, high capacity and maintenance redundancy
F.The converter does not need to running in air-conditioned room to function normally and hence can save cost end environment protection

Quick Details:
Input Voltage: Single-phase 220V, Three-phase 220V, Three-phase 380V
Output Voltage: Three-phase 380V
Type: AC-DC-AC
Output Frequency: 0-600.00Hz
Output Current: 4.7A-8.5A
Frequency Inverter: AC motor drive
AC Drive:Frequency converter

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