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  • H Series-High Performance PLC H Series-High Performance PLC
    Processing customized: YesCertification: ISO9001/CEModel Number: H Series-High Performance PLCMPU Points:16/24/32/40/60Program capacity:48K steps
  • N Series-Motion Control PLC N Series-Motion Control PLC
    Email: sales@sinovo-vfd.comCover: PlasticPackaging: Carton/WoodenDelivery detail: 1~2 weeksCondition: 100%New and Original
  • Analog PLC Expansion Analog PLC Expansion
    Shipping term: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMSWarranty: 180 daysTesting: Test parameter before shippingVoltage: AC220V/DC24VKey words: programmable controllers price, best programming PLC, PLC electronics manuf...
  • Digital PLC Expansion Digital PLC Expansion
    PLC I/O points: 36*DO transistorProgramming language: LD, FBD, ILCommunication: RS485SINOVO series: Digital moduleIsolation mode: optical
  • Communication PLC Expansion Communication PLC Expansion
    PLC dimension:131x95x82mm Model number: S01RSRemote I/O functions: SupportedProtocol: Modbus
  • Solar Grid Tie Inverter Solar Grid Tie Inverter
    Solar grid tie inverter is adjustable speed motor controller designed in accordance with any IEC standard 3 phase asynchronous motor. PV pumping system convert the high voltage DC power of solar array...
  • Solar Pump Controller Solar Pump Controller
    InspectionBefore using, please check the solar pump controller components firstly. Please make sure the components serial number is correct and if the product is damaged during shipping.Instructions a...
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