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SINOVO Electric was Invited to Participate the Fourteenth China International Talent Exchange Confer

SINOVO Electric was Invited to Participate the Fourteenth China International Talent Exchange Confer

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By the State Bureau of foreign experts and Shenzhen municipal government hold the fourteenth session Chinese international talent exchange conference on16th at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. SINOVO was invited to participate the recruitment of high level talents special conference.
2-SINOVO Electric was Invited to Participate the Fourteenth China International Talent Exchange Confer
The conference invite more than 4500 overseas professional organizations from 73 countries regions, training institutions, colleges and universities, science and technology and talent intermediary enterprises participation. Overseas representatives more than 12000, various provinces and cities human resources in China, expert system and other units of over 6500 professional representatives.

Chinese International Talent Exchange Conference is approved by the State Council, and was founded by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts. It is one of the comprehensive conference special for foreign experts, professional training institutions, open the largest and highest national and international talent and intelligence exchange event, which is a collection of talent, intelligence, technology, comprehensive conference project and management as a whole conference.

This session includes 16 sections, covering the exhibition to negotiate, recruitment, matchmaking, forum, training, seminars and other content. Besides, it is also including the Global Talent Forum, Talent large data forum, the international forum of sponge City, the national intelligence achievement exhibition exchange, the central enterprises talent recruitment project and talent docking, expert organization and training foreign project docking, overseas project communication and promotion, overseas talent contest, the national software talent project investment exchange, President of Global Innovation Summit, International Forum on innovation and development of the Asia Pacific Expo, human resources development and Services Expo & Forum and other key projects. In the conference held period, the conference over 100 activities.
1-the fourteenth china international talent exchange conference
The development of the enterprise cannot without talent, and the competitiveness of enterprises depends on talents. Vigorously implement the talent strategy, use of human resources is the fundamental reason of SINOVO electric continue to move forward. "Respect talent, talent cultivation, political integrity and ability, political integrity" is SINOVO talent concept and most fundamental principle of the development process of resistant electrical. Therefore, through this recruitment, we not only provide a rare opportunity for the enterprise to select talents, but also bring new power to promote the development of the company, and will continue to participate the talent selection activities similar to the sustainable development of enterprises and talents!

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