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AC Frequency Low Voltage Drive

AC Frequency Low Voltage Drive

  • AC Frequency Low Voltage Drive


High performance: Multiple braking modes and quick magnetic flow brake without braking resistor.  Strong Adaptability: Independent air duct and high power density.  Wide Application: It can be used for asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.
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SD90 series AC frequency low voltage drive is a high-performance vector control inverter developed by SINOVO, and it is applicable to asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control. It adopts 32-digit DSP and advanced vector control algorithm to achieve high performance and high precision in motor drive control. This inverter characteristic high responsibility, strong adaptability to working environment, human-oriented function, flexible application and stable performance.

High Performance
Sarting torque: 1.0Hz/ 150%; multiple braking modes; quick magnetic flow brake without braking resistor.

Strong Adaptability
SD90 AC drive has a compact structure, independent air duct, high power density and low requirements on installation environment. The independent air duct enhances the protection effect, so that SD90 AC drive can be used in various hostile working environments. Besides, the two installation methods, i.e. Opening dimension diagram for keyboards with base and opening dimension diagram for keyboards without base.

Wide Applications
This inverter is applicable to both asynchronous motor and synchronous motor; therefore, it helps users to decrease the inventory since there is no problem of incompatibility for different types of motors.

Multiple Functions
Two sets of motor parameters, V/F separate control, virtual terminal function, rotational speed tracking, relay delay output; Two sets of motor parameters allow users to use one inverter for different motors and help users to save cost; V/F separate control meets the demand of variable-frequency power source and achieves the flexible V/F curves.

Optional Accessories
Various expansion cards are used for communication, high-performance LCD keypad, filter, auxiliary power supply, braking unit, energy feedback unit, electric reactor, etc.
1. Modbus communication mode as standard accessory
2. Profibus-DP card as optional accessory
3. Ethernet-IP card as optional accessory
4. Input filter designed by SINOVO, which has passed full load EMC test and reaches the highest European EMC standards.

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