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Adjustable VFD Low Voltage Frequency Inverter

Adjustable VFD Low Voltage Frequency Inverter

  • Adjustable VFD Low Voltage Frequency Inverter


Service: OEM is available.
Weight: 2.4~415kg.
Input Voltage: Three phase 380V.
Output Voltage: Three phase 380V
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Nuclear control module based on DSP, achieve high speed and high performance control. There are three control modes: Vector control PG control , V/F control, V/F control and PG control. 3 space voltage vector fluctuation form produce methods and dead compensate function to realize large output and low frequency torque control.
Automatic slip compensation various frequency setting modes and analog terminal can accept the signal of DC to AC. There are internal PID function, high performance closed loop control and PID regulate DC braking function.

SD90 Series adjustable low voltage frequency inverter provide a wide range of features and application specific parameters. Our inverter are ideal for high performance applications. This type of inverter is designed for advanced application flexibility and control system integration. These features inverge and optimize manufacturing disciplines into a plant-wide integrated architecture with real-time information access throughout your power and control system, enterprise, and supply chain. The product application fields are petroleum, water supply, landication, metallurgy, coal, mine, cement, paper manufacture, textile, plastic, electric power, sewage treatment, and so on

SD90 Series adjustable low voltage frequency inverter features and functions:
1. Speed pursue starting and restart after momentary power loss
2. Forced communication function, support standard RS485 and Can Bus, supply remote keyboard control function
3. Humanization display menus, liquid crystal display, and LED display, display various state parameters simulaneity
4. Special converse module (IGBT) temperature control function, adjustable fan control, timely reduce motor's noise and temperature
5. High-efficient faults inquiry and record function, conveniently obviate the fault

Parameter protection function
6. Unique design, make frequency converter least pollution to the power
7. Outstanding behave in three phase AC synchronous motor of permanent magnetism control
SD90 serious frequency inverter equipment focus on the essential both regarding the hardware and the functionality. This ensures superior ruggedness together with reduced investment costs for the user. Operation is performed directly on the converter, without requiring additional engineering tools. SD 90 has been especially designed for applications which do not require specific drive technology knowledge.

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