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Extend LED Operation Panels

Extend LED Operation Panels

  • Extend LED Operation Panels


Material: Plastic.
Key words: Operation panel manufacturers, LED operation panel price.
Usage: It used to control AC drive.
Package: carton.
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  • Product Detail

The extend LCD operation panel can be general use for all series products, parameter numbers are basically are the same and easy to use. Parameters table according to function divide into groups, which query and modify are convenient and fast. It is easy to use double-row keyboard, and convenient the user monitor and debug.

The traditional style of LED panel using high brightness digital tube display, but the extend LCD operation panel using 128 * 64 dot matrix module. In order to users can make out the display of the function parameters, it adopts chinese to illustrate that  specific significance in unclear function code can be intuitive show the meaning of the code. The keypad can connect with CHV/CHE series inverter. On the function and design of company of irfpa LED keyboard operation is fully compatible, which can automatically identify when irfpa connected to the keyboard and display and shut down the machine keyboard display at the same time. It can be used for debugging, running monitoring of frequency inverter and input parameter setting. Its value and unit through five screen for display. 5-figure LED display displays various monitoring data and alarm code such as set frequency and output frequency.

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