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Application to Direct-driven Screw Pump of Oilfield

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EH600A AC drive applied in the Oilfield Oil Extraction Machine
Sinovo AC drive applied in the Oilfield Water Injection Pump

The structure of oil-field direct-driven screw pump is simple, which is made up of synchronous motor, screw pump and speed regulation and control system. It is suitable for crude oil extraction of highly viscous and low-output rate oil wells containing high content of gas, sand and water. It has the advantage to effectively overcome problem of gas locking and sand check. Occupying a small land area, its efficiency is high, it improves productivity and saves energy.
Control requirements:
1, Low operating speed and big torque
2, Start without impact while screw is rotating
3, In case of machine halt, there’s toggling speed for control to release toggling torque smoothly
4, High operating efficiency

Solutions :
Power for use of direct-driven synchronous motor is 7.5~37KW, and the motor is made up of SD300 inverter with direct-driven software, brake assembly, machine halt reverse protection assembly, temperature control system and monitor system.

Characteristics of drive control system:
1, Simple for operation and operation data is directly visual
2, Start torque is big, efficiency is high and start is stable
3, Open-loop vector control is used to recognize position of magnetic pole of motor, and output current is the smallest with same torque
4, In case of machine halt, the screw reverses torque to release inverter software automatically and external double protection for machine halt.

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