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Application of SD300 AC Drive in Floor Grinding Machine

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I Floor Grinding Machine Profile


Floor grinding machine is a multi-function equipment which integrates various processes such as fast sealing curing agent floor, hardening floor, epoxy floor treatment, stone renovation, concrete leveling, sanding and polishing. Its design concept is based on the extension of stone processing machinery, the main feature is slagging, leveling, grinding and polishing for concrete, cement and ground stone. The machine is easy to operate and one single worker can easily handle, which is essential equipment for modern floor sanding.

II. Floor Grinding Machine Applicability
It can be divided into dry grinding and wet grinding, which applicable to all kinds construction craftsmanship requirement of natural, artificial stone floor, epoxy floor, cement floor, epoxy terrazzo, epoxy emery floor, curing agent floor, PVC floor formation, grinding, cleaning and so on.

III Application Requirements of SD300 AC Drive in Floor Grinding Machine
Floor grinding machine structure is characterized with three-phase asynchronous motor as the main equipment. It driven by the bottom of the grinding plate cross-running in order to meet the different requirements of the construction process and the frequency inverter drive the motor to adjust the rotating speed.Grinding machine applied environment is extremely harsh, dry grinding dust can easily go through the vents to the inside of the inverter, it will affect performance over a long period. Wet grinding is easy to produce water steam, and cables prone to leakage. In different construction occasions, friction forces is different between friction plate and ground. In construction process, it will result in vibration, the rough ground will increase instantaneous resistance and produce greater static friction. This type of  application is a huge test for the AC Drive hardware quality and performance

IV SINOVO SD300 AC Drive Characteristics
SD300 series AC drive is a general-purpose high-performance vector control AC drive, which is SINOVO the newest generation AC drive technology upgrade product. It is characterized in the high performance current vector control technology, high torque output at low frequency and strong overload capacity. It possess good stability and dynamic performance.
1.Realize the soft-start and soft-stop at low frequency and voltage to ensure the running more stable and reduce the mechanical impact to save the maintenance cost.
2.Low frequency high torque output, overload capacity is powerful. Avoiding the short of low frequency torque output and the situation of motor cannot be started when the floor is not flat.
3.The current impact is small in starting and accelerating process, the maximum starting current should not exceed 1.3 times rated current during accelerating process, low-speed smoothly rise to the highest speed, with no large current appear and greatly reducing the impact to the grid.
4.Energy saving effect is remarkable, particularly in the low speed segment.
5.Safety protection function is complete, include lack of phase, overvoltage, under voltage, overload, overheat, short circuit, etc self protection,  meanwhile effectively protect the motor.

V. SD300 Ac Drive Control Plan
1、System Composition
Control system is composed of SD300 AC DRIVE and relative control parts. The system frequency signal is controlled by the external Potentiometer, the starting signal is controlled by the external switch.
2.Control Principle
The core control part is Ac drive. The external Potentiometer will control the motor rotating speed. Control way is subject to change into Ac drive control panel mode when the external potentiometer is invalid or the starting switches failed, RUN start, and control panel of the Ac drive will control the motor rotating speed.
3.Control Principle Diagram
4.SD300 Ac Drive Parameters
VI.Parameter setting
Parameter auto-tuning steps: firstly confirm the motor nameplate, then put the motro rated power/volatge/current/frequency/rotating speed into the ac drive parameter F02.02-F02.06. Set F00.17 to 1, make sure all the parameters is correct, then press RUN, then the AC drive will start auto-tuning process.
VII. Conclusion
SD300 AC drive is widely applied in the Floor grinding machines, the quality and performance is well approved by customer. The protection to the AC drive is vulnerable, please install fixing set to fasten and apply Shock-proof device to protect the AC drives.

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