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The Application of SINOVO Inverter in the Music Fountain

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Sinovo AC drive applied in the Musical Fountain
Sinovo AC drive applied in the sewage work
Music fountain is combined by computer control sound, light and spray hole and produce different shape, different color,with music rhythm, it constitute the comprehensive waterscape . the sound, light, color and shape of musical fountain is beautiful, often used as the main feature of landscape architecture. With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, control system is the core of the the design of music fountain, in SD100 series application for example .

SD100 the advantage on the musical fountain:
1. Large starting torque
2. Strong overload capacity 150% rate current 60S;180% rate current 2S
3. The speed range 1:100
4. High steady speed ±0.5% maximum speed
5. Fast dynamic response <20mS
6. Acceleration and deceleration characteristics are excellent 0.1S(the shortest)
SD100 excellent acc/dec characteristics can cooperate load pumps achieve smooth deceleration within a short time; SD100 rapid dynamic response can timely detect renewable power, to achieve automatic deceleration process without tripping, can be changed along with the change of the audio signal, and instantly change the inverter output frequency, thus changing the waveform of the fountain water column, so that the water column wave and audio signal to achieve the synchronization, without distortion.

the specific wiring diagram and parameter Settings are as follows:

Function Code     Parameter selection          Parameter definition
F0.02                  1                                 Terminal command channel
F0.03                  2                                 Main frequency source is analog AI1
F0.13                  1.5S                             Acceleration time
F0.14                  1.5S                             Deceleration time
F3.10                  5V                               AI1 Max input
F3.20                  1.5s                             AI1 input filter time
F4.00                  2                                 Relay fault output
F8.08                  3                                 Fault automatic reset times
F8.12                  1.0s                             Fault automatic reset  interval times

1. The problem of audio signal interference Know from the works of the inverter,
When the inverter running its input and output side can produce higher harmonic, the harmonic signal by conduction, radiation and coupling, etc.such as produce interference to other devices, Musical fountain system harmonic interference through audio amplification system will form a cacophony of Can be solved by the following measures:
1) Reduce the carrier frequency of inverter.
2)The terminal should be earthed reliably, the diameter of earth cable should be more thicker, and the distance must short between earth port and inverter.
3)The Cable of input and output of the inverter should be away from the audio signal and control lines as far as possible, don’t put the power line and control line in the same slot.
4) The power of the audio signal system should be Isolated as far as possible with the inverter power supply isolation, etc.
2. The problem of inverter jump protection
Fountain pump with the strength of the audio signal regulating speed at any time, this requires inverter response quickly. when adjusting the acc/dec time of parameters should be as short as possible,However, the acceleration and deceleration time is too short prone to over-current protection, we should set the appropriate acceleration and deceleration time according to the actual situation of the scene. order to reduce the audio FM signal interference, analog AI1 need to set appropriate filtering time . SD100 series inverter has fault self-recovery function , In order to avoid interfering signals caused by the inverter fault, this function should be opened when debugging.
Facts have proven that, excellent control characteristic of SD100 can completely meet the needs of the music fountain instantaneous synchronous control, make changes in the water column along with the audio signal changes, at the same time brings the fantastic and wonderful feeling.

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