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Background of the Innovation in the Spinning Machine

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The innovation in this spinning machine lies in the reform of frequency control of the main motor—a kind of AC double-speed motor that has six poles in low speed and four poles in high speed, generally having power of 18.5 KW or 22 KW. The low speed is functioned during the time of mechanical equipment maintenance and the machine starting period, while it will change to high speed after normal running. As a result, the power frequency of the spinning machine after normal running will keep in 50HZ no matter in large, medium or small yarn section, which also leads to high yarn end breakage rate. However, by adopting the reform of the frequency control, it can artificially adjust the running speed of each yarn section by reducing the frequency in large and small yarn sections at high breaks rate and increasing the frequency in the medium section at low breaks rate. Meanwhile, as the length of the medium yarn section is accounted for the overwhelming majority of the whole yarn length, using this way not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can reduce the breakage rate.

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