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CO2 emissions of the fuels used in cement production are a hot topic in the industry discussions, but more and more also energy efficiency is increasing its importance. The reason for this is that in addition to the improved profitability, authorities are beginning to steer industries towards more efficient processes. By using variable speed drives (VSD) to control high efficiency motors in your cement manufacturing process, you can reduce energy consumption significantly compared to traditional fixed speed motors. VSDs also provide you an accurate control for your processes, and our PLCs help all your processes to work in co-ordination with each otherOur portfolio includes a wide range of low voltage drives, medium voltage drives, AC drives, scalable PLCs, motors, and a selection of HMIs.From crushers to fans, from separators to kilns. Our drives and PLCs easily integrate into new or existing installations. Global ABB service and support gives the 24/7 confidence you need.
Dependability. Energy savings. Increased production. Everything counts with high quality cement.

Sinovo AC drive applied in the Stone Cutting Machine

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