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2016 New Year Party

2016 New Year Party

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January 15th at 4 pm , 2016 New Year Party was held ceremoniously in Dananxiang seafood hotel, each department of our company and customers, suppliers, etc. attended the annual party, Miss Liuyue and Mr Difulin as the the host of this party.

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First,general manager Mr Wang tongshan made speech. He represented the SINOVO. Ltd expressed warm welcome to attend the party special guests and partners, thank you for many years of support for SINOVO.LTD. In addition to still stick to their colleagues in the job of the overseas offices to send holiday wishes, because we stick with dedication, SINOVO only be achieved today. Looking back over the past year,SINOVO in hope and pressure in forward, according to the severe external environment, readjust the enterprise development strategy, decisive to the upgrading of products, such as SD90, SD200, SD300 is representative of a new generation of products formal research and development success and put on the market, achieved the expected results, won the recognition of customers. Looking to the future, we will also from inside and outside two aspects of reform, the new spirit of meet the beginning of the second decade years.

As the host of the party high-pitched excitement of opening, in 2016 New Year party started Company’s colleagues used spare choreographed individually staged wonderful program: dance, solo, comedy, San Juban, magic show and other wonderful programs, let people overwhelmed, amused the audience laughter. this moment is not only the happiest moment of SINOVO people, but also themost vivid moment, we use laughter, applause and voices keep every wonderful moment.

The end of the show, the company invited representatives of Indian customers sang impromptu songs with strong wind India, Let us feel the different countries of the exotic.

After the end of the party, conducted on-site scores and awards, which is encouraged and colleagues for participating in the exercise show for more than two months to hard to pay a reward, but also resistant to full of vitality of the corporate culture and enterprise spirit encouragement and inheritance.

This is a visual feast, not only demonstrates the sincere diligence youth style, show the harmonious relationship with all my colleagues, but also to convey to all employees of the company's future longing! SINOVO will continue its efforts to move on, hope everyone in the new year abandon shortcomings, play to their strengths, for their contribution to the development of enterprise!

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