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AC Servo Drive

AC Servo Drive

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AC servo drive imitate and apply the technology of frequency, imitation DC motor control by the way of frequency PWM on the basis of the DC servo motor control. AC servo motor must have the link frequency. And just as the frequency converter, it firstly rectified the AC into direct current, and then through the gate to control various types of transistors (IGBT, IGCT, etc.) and through the carrier frequency and PWM regulation inverter frequency adjustable AC whose waveform is similar to the positive Pulsation of cosine.

The servo drive have developed the frequency conversion technology. It have carried on the precise control technology and the algorithm operation in the current loop, the speed loop and the position ring (the frequency changer does not have this ring), the main point may carry on the precise position control.

Nowadays, the control part of the AC servo adopts digital signal processor (DSP) as the control core. It has the advantage that it can realize more complex control algorithms to complete the closed-loop control of the servo system, including closed-loop control of torque, speed and position.

AC servo applications:

AC servo drive can be used where the requirements of the position, speed and torque control accuracy are relatively high. Such as machine tools, printing equipment, packaging equipment, textile equipment, laser processing equipment, robotics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, financial equipment, automated production lines. Because the servo used in positioning, speed control occasions, so the servo is also known as motion control.

Especially for the digital AC servo system, it is more and more widely used. And the user requirements for servo drive technology is getting higher and higher. The trend of its development has been Integrated,Intelligent,networking and Simplify.

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