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Invitation Enlit Africa 2023

Invitation Enlit Africa 2023

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The Republic of South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere and has the reputation of "Rainbow Country". It is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, with a land area of 1,219,090 square kilometers and a population of 59.62 million. Dollar.

Mining, manufacturing, agriculture and services are the four pillars of the South African economy. South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa. Its per capita living standard ranks among the top in Africa. Its industrial system is the most complete in Africa. Its deep-well mining technology ranks among the top in the world. Minerals are the main source of South Africa's economy. Manufacturing output accounts for about 16 percent of GDP. The main products are steel, metal products, chemicals, transportation equipment, machine manufacturing, food processing, textiles, clothing, etc. The iron and steel industry is the backbone of South Africa's manufacturing industry, with six major iron and steel joint companies and more than 130 iron and steel enterprises. Power generation accounts for 60% of all Africa. Agriculture, forestry and fishery account for 5% of the GDP, and its role in the national economy is constantly decreasing. Agriculture provides 13 percent of formal employment. Thirty percent of non-gold export earnings come from agricultural products or the processing of agricultural products. In normal years, grain can be exported in addition to self-sufficiency. Sinovo will focus on mining, manufacturing, and agricultural related companies in South Africa at this exhibtion, hoping to provide South Africa with professional market solutions and make contributions to South Africa’s automation industry and energy-saving industry .

As one of the most advanced economies in Africa, South Africa has developed well in many fields such as infrastructure construction, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and service industries. Among them, South Africa's mining industry, manufacturing industry and service industry have played an important role in promoting the development of the country's economy. South Africa is rich in mineral resources. The mining industry is a major part of South Africa's exports. Manufacturing is one of the important industries that create jobs in South Africa. The service industry provides an important support for South Africa's GDP growth. The South African market has a good demand for automation products and new energy products. At present, Xilin Electric's products have a low market share in South Africa. This exhibition can allow customers to understand our products intuitively. We believe that the market share of SINOVO products in South Africa will be significantly improved.

Supporting units of this exhibition: South African Ministry of Energy, South African Electricity Company ESKOM; Angola National Electricity Company, Angola Electricity Distribution Company, Angola Aguas Provincial Electricity Company; Ghana Electricity Company, Ghana Energy Department; Kenyan Energy Department; Benin Electricity Distribution Company ; Cameroon Power Pipeline
Regulatory Bureau, Ministry of Energy of Cameroon; Madagascar Power Authority and Water Department; Nigeria International Power Company; Malawi State Power Company;
Namibia Electricity Authority, National Power Corporation and Erongo Red Power Company; Tanzania National Power Supply Corporation. Zambia State Electricity
Power Corporation, Uganda Electricity Authority, Katwe Lake Geothermal Power Project Company, Uganda Electricity Distribution Company and Generation Company; Merowe, Sudan
Dam Power Company, Sudan National Transmission and Distribution Company, Sudan Hydropower Company;

The South African New Energy and Power Transmission and Distribution Exhibition has been held since PGA and AUW in 2019, and the two exhibitions are combined into one, covering the entire industrial chain of the energy and power industry.
The exhibition is the leading energy industry event in Africa, hosted by the world-renowned Clarion Energy Group. The exhibition is also Clarion
The African station of the DistribuTech @ Power-Gen @ Utility Week series of exhibitions and conferences under the Energy Group. Clarion Energy
The group belongs to the Blackstone Group of the United States. It is the world's leading organizer of exhibitions and conferences and a well-known publisher. Its Power-Gen, Utility
Week and Distributech series of exhibitions also include: the world's largest American energy power exhibition, American grid transmission and distribution exhibition, India and Central Asia power exhibition
Power, transmission and distribution exhibition, Asian power, transmission and distribution and public utilities exhibition, European power, transmission and distribution and public utilities exhibition, etc. Since its establishment more than 100 years ago, the group has been committed to serving global power and energy power plant owners, power companies, grid companies, suppliers, service providers, and specialists
Professionals, government institutions, university research institutes and other parties provide the most authoritative industry data and provide them with new product releases, technology
The exchange, information service place and trade exchange platform provide the best trade opportunities for the trade of various countries and enterprises to deeply explore the international market.
The 2023 Power-Gen @ Utility Week series will be jointly held in Cape Town from May 16th to 18th, and the exhibition will be newly upgraded to
The Enlit global series of energy exhibitions, the South Africa station is named Enlit Africa South Africa Energy Exhibition.

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