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The Function Of The Drive

The Function Of The Drive

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Industry colleagues are aware of the wide range of inverter applications, because the role of the inverter is very large. There is following a simple introduction.

The inverter can reduce the voltage fluctuation of the power line, because the voltage drop will cause the voltage sensitive equipment in the same power supply network trip or work abnormally. The inverter can reduce the impact on the grid, it will not cause too much difference between peak and valley problems. The inverter can accelerate the function of control, which in accordance with the needs of users to smooth acceleration; The inverter can to control the motor speed; The inverter can control the motor start-up current, fully reduce the starting current, the motor maintenance costs reduced; The drive also may reduce the attrition of mechanical transmission component, thus reduces the purchase cost, simultaneously may enhance the system stability.

First, the adjustable torque limit

Through the inverter, you can set the corresponding torque limit to protect the machine from damage, thus ensuring the continuity of the process and product reliability. The current frequency conversion technology allows not only adjustable torque limit, and even the torque control accuracy can reach 3% to 5%. In the power frequency state, the motor can only be detected by the current value or thermal protection to control, and can not be the same as the inverter to set the exact value of the torque to action.

Second, the controlled way to stop

Just like controllable acceleration, the stop mode can be controlled in variable frequency speed control and there are different stop modes (deceleration stop, freewheel stop, deceleration stop + DC braking), as well as a reduction in the number of mechanical components and Motor impact, so that the whole system is more reliable, life will also increase.

Third, energy saving

Inverter energy-saving mainly in the fan, water pump applications. In order to ensure the reliability of production, a variety of production machinery have left a certain amount of margin in the design with power-driven. When the motor can not run at full load, in addition to the power-driven requirements, the excess torque increases the consumption of active power, resulting in waste of energy. The mode of speed regulation for fans, pumps and other traditional equipment is through the adjustment of the inlet or outlet baffle, the valve opening to adjust the air flow and water supply, the input power is large, and a lot of energy consumption in the process of baffle and valve closure. When using frequency control, if the flow requirements are reduced, by reducing the speed of the pump or fan to meet the requirements.

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