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Sinovo Won the 2013 Electrical Industry the Most Innovative Enterprises

Sinovo Won the 2013 Electrical Industry the Most Innovative Enterprises

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On October 25th. 2013 ,"2013 China Electric Industry Top Ten Award" held in Beijing that Sponsored by hc360 network, our company general manager Mr. Wan tongshan on behalf of shenzhen sinovo electronic technology Co., Ltd. attended the awards ceremony and wealth dinner.

“Electric Industry Top Ten Award” is the annual selection of representative and authoritative sponsored by hc360, the award ceremony is the eighth, become more and more important in the industry, known as the Chinese electrical industry’s "Oscars". all along since, sinovo hand in hand hc360 to push the brand construction of enterprise and the improvement of awareness , up to now this grand banquet is the most professional, comprehensive, influential in electrical industry, it not only shortened the distance between each industry, but also enhance understanding between each enterprise, and create communication opportunities for the industry elite.
Awards reflections:innovation as the soul of enterprise development, with practical action to make contributions to the development of the national brand.

Shenzhen sinovo electrical Technology Co., a high-tech enterprises that specializing in industrial automation and control product R&D, production and sales, since2006,we has been put "innovation" as the soul of business development,Fully implement modern enterprise development ideas of the "technological innovation, management innovation, market innovation, service innovation," Today, we have more than 100 outstanding technical experts, industry marketing and management personnel, Our products are widely used in many industries: such as machinery, lathe, injection molding, industrial water, petroleum, papermaking, coating, etc. We’re going to make the market demand as the guidance,and produce a series of new products to meet the needs of various sectors of industrial areas.

Sinovo Won the 2013 Electrical Industry the Most Innovative Enterprises

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