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SINOVO was Awarded a Postdoctoral Innovation Base of Qualification in Shenzhen City

SINOVO was Awarded a Postdoctoral Innovation Base of Qualification in Shenzhen City

Time:2016/08/16 Click:414

Recently, our company won the “postdoctoral innovation practice base" qualification, Become one of the "post-doctoral innovative practice base" of HRSSD 2014 annual awarding of 41. This is also affirmation of the SINOVO in scientific research level and the ability of enterprise in the field of automation.

Enterprise postdoctoral work is refers to some strong economic strength, advanced technology, better conditions of national key scientific state-owned enterprises, national pilot enterprise groups, large enterprises, high-tech enterprises with the unit set up a joint postdoctoral programs to recruit and train postdoctoral researchers. Postdoctoral station unit has been set up mainly in the well-known high-tech enterprises, especially with all the main industry of the backbone units: including Huawei, ZTE, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Mindray, Vanke and other leading enterprises.

Scientific research ability is the key of winning the high-tech enterprise, SINOVO was awarded a Postdoctoral innovation base of qualification in Shenzhen City, so as to realize the use from the introduction of talents to the transformation of develop talent output feedback social , This is also the reflection of the enterprise technology strength. SINOVO will cherish this opportunity and honor, cultivate high-level talents for the society, transport new technology and new product for the industry.


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