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China VSD AC Drive with External Keypad

China VSD AC Drive with External Keypad

  • China VSD AC Drive with External Keypad


Program key: Enter or escape from the first level menu and remove the parameter quickly.
Entry key: Enter the menu step-by-step confirm parameters.
Up key: Increase data or function code progressively.
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China VSD external keypad provide password protection function to users. Set F07.00 to gain the password and the password protection becomes valid instantly after quitting from the function code editing state. Press "PRG" again to the function code editing state,“”will be displayed. Unless using the correct password, the operators cannot enter it.

Function Code Editor Displays Status. In the state of stopping, running or fault, press "PRG" to enter into editing state(if there is a password, see F07.00).The editing state is displayed on two classes of menu, and the order is: function code group/function code number function code parameter, press "ENTER" into the displayed state of function parameter. On this state, you can press "ENTER" to save the parameters or press "PRG " to retreat.

China VSD AC Drive with External Keypad

Down key:Decrease data or function code progressively
Right-Shift key:Move right to select the displaying parameter circularly in stopping and running mode. Select the parameter modifying digit during the parameter modification.
Run key:The key is used to operate on the AC drive in key operation mode.
Stop/Reset: This key is used to stop in running state; This key is used to reset all control modes in the fault alarm state.
S Key:
F07.01=0 without function
F07.01=1 jog running
F07.01=2 shift key to change the display state
F07.01=3 switch between forward and reverse
F07.01=4clear UP/DOWN setting
F07.01=5 coast to stop

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