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Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid Inverters

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PV On/Off Hybrid Inverter for Home Use

I. System Diagram

II. Product Features

· Integrated design of photo voltaic energy storage inverter.

· Both grid-tied and off-grid function, variety of work modes are optional.

· Work without battery.

· Lead-acid or lithium battery is optional.

· Dual MPPT tracking, MPPT efficiency more than 99.9%.

· ZCT soft switch technology, low less.

· Support RS485, WIFI, GPRS multiple communication code.

· Fan less design, noise less than 25db.

· Outdoor IP65 design.

· 5 years warranty, and 25 years repair time.

III. Scene Application

A. Spontaneous Mode
① When the sun is full during the day, the PV power generation is preferentially used to meet the load, and the excess battery is charged.
② After the battery is fully charged, the load is used, and the remaining electricity is fed back to the grid.
③ At dusk, PV poor, the battery and PV are output together to meet the load.
④ At night, when there is no PV, the battery output alone meets the load.

B. Economic Mode

① The sun is abundant during the day, all PV power generation is connected to the grid, the battery is not charged and discharged.
② At dusk, the using electricity peak period, the battery discharge meets the load demand, and the grid is used as a backup supplement.
During the night, use the electricity low price to supply charge the battery.

C. Seamless Off-grid Switching

When the grid voltage, frequency is abnormal or power failure occurs, the inverter automatically switches to off grid mode operation to ensure uninterrupted operation of important loads.  The switching time is less than 5ms.

D. Zero Export Mode.

If there is regulations to limit the export power of a on-grid PV system, you could choose this mode to limit the export rate of your system’s output to the grid.

E. Work without battery at daytime.

The PV supply the power to the load directly, it can work without the battery, no need to buy the batteries in some countries, save more money.

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