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High Performance Universal VFD

High Performance Universal VFD

  • High Performance Universal VFD


Advanced Vector Control Algorithm: Vector mode 0 control.
Overload capacity:  Type G:150% rated current 60/s  Type P:110% rated current 60/s.
Multi speed control:Simple PLC, PID module and pulse counting control.
Input Voltage: 220Va
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SD90 series AC drive is a compact small power AC drive. It is an economic model specialized for the small automation equipment, especially for electronic equipment, food packaging, woodworking and other applications

SD90 Series AC Drive Features
Advanced Vector Control Algorithm:

◆ Vector mode 0 control is more stable at low speed, more powerful in the ability of low frequency torque output and with better dynamic response.

Multiple Functions:
◆ Multi speed control, simple PLC, PID module and pulse counting control. Stable and Reliable Anti-trip Function:
◆ Stable and reliable over voltage, over current and stall control algorithm, instantaneous power lost non-stop control to prevent frequent trip in complex applications.

This manual describes the function features and correct use of SD90 series AC drive, including product selection, parameter setting, running commissioning, troubleshooting and routine maintenance and other related matters. Please read this manual in detail to ensure the installation, use and maintenance the AC drive correctly. Please hand it to the user or maintainer and keep it properly.

Unpacking Inspection Cautions
Every AC drive have been tested strictly in factory prior to shipment. Upon unpacking, check:
◆ Whether the product is damaged;
◆ Whether the nameplate model and AC drive ratings are consistent with your order.
◆ Whether the box contains the AC drive, certificate of conformity, user manual and warranty card. If you find any omission or damage, contact SINOVO or your supplier immediately.

High Performance Universal VFD specification

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