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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

1. The warranty period for the product is 18 months (refer to the barcode on the equipment). During the warranty period, if the product fails or is damaged under the condition of normal use by following the instructions, SINOVO will be responsible for free maintenance.

2. Within the warranty period, maintenance will be charged for the damages caused by the following reasons:
A. Improper use or repair/modification without prior permission
B. Fire, flood, abnormal voltage, other disasters and secondary disaster
C. Hardware damage caused by dropping or transportation after procurement
D. Improper operation
E. Trouble out of the equipment (for example, external device)

3. If there is any failure or damage to the product, please correctly fill out the Product Warranty Card in detail.
4. The maintenance fee is charged according to the latest Maintenance Price List of SINOVO.
5. The Product Warranty Card is not re-issued. Please keep the card and present it to the maintenance personnel when asking for maintenance.
6. If there is any problem during the service, contact SINOVO’s agent or SINOVO directly.
7. This agreement shall be interpreted by Shenzhen Sinovo Technologies Co., Ltd

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