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SD600 Series Inverter

SD600 Series Inverter

SD600 Series Features

Software Specification:
1.With Fast current limiting function to avoid frequent reporting of over-current faults.
2.Random PWM depth is adjustable, effectively suppressing motor noise.
3.VF overvoltage suppression and overcurrent suppression algorithm optimazation and improvement, faster and more accurate.
4.Rapid acceleration and deceleration control performance improvement.
5.SD600 use 640PID algorithm and optimizes.
6.Multi-speed PLC function optimization and increase PLC model 2.

Hardware Specification:
1.30KW below power range are plastic shell structure.
2.Optimized cooling air ducts and stronger cooling fans ensure the device cooling characteristics.
3.The optional grounding function is added to deal with unreliable grounding sites.
4.Universal keypad also is copy keypad, which can realize the function of viewing modified parameters, parameter uploading, parameter downloading,etc.
5.Optional LCD keypad.

Inverter is a general high-performance frequency inverter, it is mainly used for controlling and regulating speed and torque of the three-phase AC asynchronous motor; SINOVO company, is a new generation of inverter technology upgrades, it adopt high-performance current control technology, high torque output at low frequency, the overload capacity is strong, with good stability and dynamic performance, have a variety of communication bus function, support for multiple PG card, rich powerful, stable performance; With perfect anti tripping control and the ability to adapt to bad power grid, can be widely used in textile, paper making, wire drawing, machine tools, packaging, food, fans, pumps and all kinds of automatic production equipment driver change.

General inverter adopts the AC to DC, and DC to AC mode, it mainly use IGBT as the primary control device with high responsibility, long service life, the inverter has start-up limit current, large output torque, speed smooth, on the impact of the grid, and is easy to realize centralized control, etc., the perfect solution different step motor heavy load soft start and stop, stepless speed regulation, and other matters, to save energy and reduce the wear and tear of mechanical equipment. The control method used provides significant energy savings compared to alternative methods.

  • General Type of Frequency Inverter General Type of Frequency Inverter
    Ambient temperature: - 10℃ ~ + 40℃(derated when use in ambient temperature of 40℃ ~50℃). Humidity: Less than 95%RH, without condensation. Vibration: Less than 5.9m/s²(0.6g). Storage temperature: - 20℃~+ 60℃. High performance : Vector V/F control techn
  • VFD Variable Speed Frequency Inverter VFD Variable Speed Frequency Inverter
    Overload capability: Type G: 150% Rate current 60/s. Type P: 110% Rate current 60/s. Max. output frequency: 0~600Hz. Jog frequency range: 0.00~50.00Hz
  • China Manufacture Energy Saver Frequency Inverter China Manufacture Energy Saver Frequency Inverter
    Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China(Mainland). Brand Name: SINOVO. Model Number: SD90, SD200, SD300. Output type: three-phase. Weight: 2.4~415 kg
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