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SD90 Series AC Drive

SD90 Series AC Drive

                                                                                                                   SD90 Series Features

Advanced Vector Control Algorithm:

Vector mode O control is more stable at low speed, high torque output at low frequency and better dynamic performance.

Multiple Functions:

Multi-stage speed control, simple PLC, PID and pulse counting control.

Stable and Reliable Anti-trip Function:

Stable and reliable overvoltage/overcurrent stalling control algorithm,non-stop control function to prevent frequent trip in complex applications.


1. Maximum frequency :0~500Hz;
2. Carrier frequency:2.0kHz~7.0kHzAccording to the load characteristics, carrier frequency can be adjusted automatically;
3. Control mode: V/F control;
4. Start torque:1.0Hz/150%
5. Overload capability :G type:150% rated current  for 60s;P type:110% rated current  for 60s
6. Jog control: Jog frequency range:0.00Hz to Maximum frequency ;Jog Acc/Dec time:0.1 to 6553.5s
7. Built-in PID: Close loop control system can be formed easily by using PID.

AC drive is a universal drive, which can be widely used in various types of induction motor speed control. This product uses the international advanced vector control algorithm as well as high performance and high accuracy motor drive control to improve its quality reliability and environment adaptability at the same time, strengthen the user’s convenient operation. Implementation of function optimization, more flexible application and more stable performance.

AC drive based on advanced V/F control. It is our new generation products, with  new feature appearance design and use the unique way of control to achieve high torque, high accuracy and wide speed drives. Designed and produced by marketing demands, customer personalized requirements and industry characteristics. AC drive is flexible design, the practical PI, simple PLC, flexible input/output terminals, pulse frequency setting, main/auxiliary setting, frequency control, fixed-length timing control and power shutdown parameter selection etc., which are provide high integration solution equipment for manufacturing industry customers. There are great value for reducing the system cost and improving the system reliability.

The AC drive can output low speed/frequency in high start torque with stable operation; onboard PID and RS485 communication interface with flexible and high accuracy operation mode and precise speed and position control; include 36 types of protection and alarm functions, monitor and adjust parameters online.
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