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Vector AC Drive

Vector AC Drive

Vector AC drive, it is a new generation of technology upgrade products, SD300 adopts advanced current vector control technology, three-phase AC asynchronous motor can compare accurate control and adjustment, high torque output at low frequency, the overload capacity is strong, smooth speed, good stability and dynamic performance, it has a variety of communication function, support for multiple PG card, rich powerful, stable performance, with perfect anti tripping functions and adapt wicked power grid ability. AC drive widely used for machine tool, textile, printing, dyeing, metal processing, paper, packaging, food, fan pump occasions for speed control accuracy and dynamic response speed and higher requirement low frequency output torque, which possess perfect trip function and the ability of adapt bad power grid.

Vector AC drive adopt particular sensorless vector control, which ensures the highest level of driving performance. Specialized, multi-purpose vector AC drive for all winding equipment, achieve high driving performance of the economy drive, called the omnipotent and mini-masterpiece. Multi-function compact AC drive, it can easily experience the modern variable frequency drive technology. Vector AC drive supply various fault protection function: overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overheating protection, overload motor protection and phase break protection.
  • Open Loop Variable Vector AC Frequency Drive Open Loop Variable Vector AC Frequency Drive
    Application: It can make use of textile industry and paper making industry. Dimension: 220*250*387mm. Model Type: SD300 series AC frequency drive. Control mode: vector control.
  • Close Loop Vector Variable Speed Frequency Inverter Close Loop Vector Variable Speed Frequency Inverter
    Main product keywords: Advanced close loop drive,fan pump frequency inverter manufacturers, best vector AC drive. Maximal frequency: 0~600 hz. Certificates: CE, ISO9001. Materials: Plastic and metal.
  • Adjustable Frequency Vector Control Drive Adjustable Frequency Vector Control Drive
    Package: carton and wooden case. Usage: It can be used for machinery industry, petroleum industry and water industry. Control mode: V/F control Size: 176*155*250 Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)
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