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Adjustable Frequency Vector Control Drive

Adjustable Frequency Vector Control Drive

  • Adjustable Frequency Vector Control Drive


Package: carton and wooden case.
Usage: It can be used for machinery industry, petroleum industry and water industry.
Control mode: V/F control
Size: 176*155*250
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)
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  • Product Detail

SD200 series frequency drive is a high performance universal drive, it is mainly used for controlling and regulating the speed of the three-phase AC asynchronous motor. The frequency drive is a new generation of inverter technology upgrading product. SD200 using optimization V/F control and vector control (vector model 0), high torque output at low frequency. The overload capacity is strong, and has a good stability and dynamic performance with a variety of communication bus features, rich powerful and stable performance. Perfect anti tripping control and the ability to adapt to bad power grid, which can be widely used in textile, paper making, wire drawing, machine tools, package, food, fans, pumps and all kinds of automated production equipment.

SD200 Series adjustable frequency vector control drive features and functions:
1.Multiple motor switch. Dual-motor switch enables two separate motors, free switching in the independent control mode.
2. Motor overheating protection. Select input and output expansion card, analog input AI3 can accept motor temperature sensor input (PT100, PT1000), when the motor temperature is higher than the overheating protection value, the AC Drive fault output will protect the motor properly.
3.Virtual IO function. SD200 AC driver possess virtual input/output terminal function. The virtual input/output control through RS485 communication setting. The function code F05.11 physical digital input terminals can switch DI to virtual input terminal, its function  corresponding to physical terminals function setting. For example: Enable virtual terminal DI2 as external fault alarm function, its setting such as follows: F05.11=1, F05.02=9, 3009H=0x0002(Rs485 communication setting)

Digital output terminal Do1, relay output T1, T2 possess flexible output characteristic, after setting corresponding parameter can through communication control its enable valid. For example: Enable relay T1 action, its setting such as follows:
F06.03=23, 300AH=0x0004 (RS485 communication setting)
4. Flexible and practical analog input / output ports.
AI1 ~ AI3 enable factory calibration or user-site calibration of linear curve, after correction accuracy arrive 20mV. AO enable factory calibration or user-site calibration curve linear zero drift and gain after correction accuracy arrive 20mV. Extension AI5 is isolate input port, it can be used as PT100 ,PT1000 or 0 + 10 v input port.

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