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Application of SINOVO synchronous variable frequency control system in Spinning machine

Application of SINOVO synchronous variable frequency control system in Spinning machine

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1. Spinning Profile

Spinning machine, a spinning machine that draws, reels, and winds semi-finished rovings or slivers during the spinning process (see the color picture, drafting and rewinding on the roving machine to make rovings, and rovings pass through the yarn). The machine draws and reels to make a spun yarn, and the sliver is drawn on the roving frame to make a roving. The comber combs the fibers into a combed sliver. The carding machine merges the sliver. The needle row drawing improves the sliver structure and roving. The ring spinning frame is further spun into a spun yarn.) The spinning frame is the main spinning machine. The output and quality of the spun yarn are a comprehensive reflection of the pros and cons of each process of the spinning process.

2, the traditional spinning machine status

I. The spinning speed of the traditional spinning machine is achieved by replacing the belt pulley or the two-speed motor, it can not achieve stepless speed change during operation, which results in a high end break rate in the small and large yarn stages and loss of raw materials. And affect the yield and quality of the yarn.

II. The control part adopts contactor and relay control mode, which can not view the spinning parameters and three automatic doffing actions.

III. The motor uses a two-speed motor. First started with low-speed motor, when the equipment is running normally, it is switched to a high-speed motor. Each start-up motor is running at full load that have great impact with the grid.

IV. The motor belt pulley must be replaced in adjusting the speed when we change other products. Different belt reels for different yarn types, It consumes labor and delays production.

3, The advantages of SINOVO SD240E synchronous variable frequency control system

I. Fanless, large heat sink for cooling, flange mounting, suitable for spinning workshop in the special environment with high temperature, high humidity and high dust.

II. The special variable frequency converter of the Spinning machine built-in process card not only verified the frequency, but also reducing the occurrence of failures value when we changed the new electronic control system.

III. 16 segment spinning speed curve changes, each period of speed is with the length of the current gradient, through rational curve setting, real time control of spinning tension. The user can according to the length of the doffing and beheaded rule set at each stage in the process of spinning speed, this will make it spinning frame in different periods of the speed of production, in order to reduce end breakage, improving hairiness and improve quality.

IV. Touch screen screen display, easy to operate and manage.

In order to facilitate the user enterprise process, statistician operation and production management, we designed a separate operation. Panel (touch screen display), which can be used for statistics, calculation and display of front roller speed, rear roller speed, spindle speed, draft ratio, spinning number, twist, output per thousand ingot hours and other technological parameters.At the same time real-time display shift output and total output, to facilitate statisticians to understand and adjust the current situation of the machine.

V. Low speed operation mode is convenient for operators to use when changing the wire ring.

4. Field application diagram

5. Conclusion

After the transformation of SINOVO SD240E synchronous variable frequency control system, the production efficiency of the spinning frame is greatly improved, and the breakage rate of the spinning frame is less than 4%, which fully meets the needs of customers.

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