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Inverter Vector Control Mode

Inverter Vector Control Mode

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Inverter vector control methods are the following:

Non-speed sensor vector control(SVC)

That is also called open-loop control mode. There is open loop on the corresponding with closed-loop. Open loop is the inverter independent control which means that it do not need to control the speed in accordance with the signal source. Closed loop is based on signal commands to control the motor speed and torque.

Attention, based on my experience, Non-speed sensor vector control(SVC) is suitable for large torque common equipment occasions where a single inverter only control a motor in common. This control model should be used in machine tools, centrifuges, wire drawing machines, injection molding machines and other equipment.

Speed sensor vector control(FVC)

Corresponds to the above non-speed sensor vector control, speed sensor vector control is also named closed-loop mode. After the transmission of the signal to the inverter by PG card, the inverter achieve precise control by calculating the signal and control the motor which installed encoder.

Generally, a single inverter only controls one motor. This control mode will be used in high-speed paper machines, cranes, elevators and other equipment.

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