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Digital PLC Expansion

Digital PLC Expansion

  • Digital PLC Expansion


PLC I/O points: 36*DO transistor
Programming language: LD, FBD, IL
Communication: RS485
SINOVO series: Digital module
Isolation mode: optical
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plc engineering

◆  Digital PLC modules are DC24V power supply;

◆ PLC unit have 12 models: There are MPU 8,16, 24, 36, 40, 64 points can option.
◆  Digital modules with more than 8-point have RS485 port, support stand-alone use and can also be used for Remote IO.

◆  It can be used as expansion module for any SINOVO PLC;


Using and Programming easly: Using a simple ladder diagram, logic diagram, statement table and other programming languages, which without computer knowledge, so the system development cycle is short, easy on-site debugging. In addition, the program can be modified online to change the control program without demolition of the hardware

Strong Function and Cost-effectiveness: PLC owns hundreds of programming elements available to users. There are strong functions, which can achieve very complex control functions. It is the same function of the relay system, compared with a high cost performance, PLC can communicate through the network to achieve decentralized control and centralized management.

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