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The Inverter Industry Need to Increase the Localization Rate

The Inverter Industry Need to Increase the Localization Rate

Time:2016/08/16 Click:2442

Inverter industry in China is in an abnormal state, required to meet the domestic production at the low end of the frequency converter, the localization rate of the mid-frequency converter products at a low level, the need to further enhance.
Drive industrial development in China is relying on the infiltration of foreign brands to grow up, although in recent years the domestic inverter rapid development of enterprises in the fierce market competition, but, in the face of the sophisticated brand quality foreign brands, domestic inverter company's market share still stretched.

First have to admit that the domestic inverter on the technical content compared with the same model abroad there is a gap, Second, the domestic inverter industrial development late the domestic inverter enterprises in China from the established time with foreign drive manufacturers compared to the lack of precipitate certain drive industry, the establishment of a short time, small-scale enterprises, the sleepy capital, makes the the domestic inverter enterprise in technology research and development, business productivity, product marketing are restricted, restricted domestic inverter enterprise development. In addition, because a lot of domestic inverter enterprises in the initial stage of the competition, in the same technical process, some manufacturers will pass on the contradictions of competition in the market for compression manufacturing costs.

Industry in the drive, the drive industry in China after three stages of imitation, the introduction of independent research and development to grow up. But only some of the excellent enterprises with independent research and development of high-end technology, and widespread domestic inverter enterprises still remain in the first two stages of the primary competitive state.

At present, the inverter industry growth rate in 2010 reached 27.27%, mainly low-voltage inverter in short supply last year, the growth rate reached 30%, the first occurrence of the situation than the growth rate of high-voltage inverter, high-voltage inverter growth rate of 22.7% .High-voltage VFD inverter competition, prices continued a downward trend. After calculation, the next drive industry will continue to maintain a high growth rate of about 20%.High-voltage inverter accounts for about 30% of the market share of low-voltage inverter occupies about 70% share of the domestic brands of high-voltage inverter market share of 80%, the import substitution space is quite small, low-voltage inverter are concentrated in the low-end products, competition is more intense, the market share of domestic brands only about 30% optimistic about the future alternative to high-end.

The rapid development of the inverter industry summed up roughly summarized as points, the first local competitive enterprises and the rapid growth driven by the rapid rise in the domestic market, a large number of technical excellence, the rapid development of outstanding enterprises, driven by the inverter industry trot forward; addition, the inverter industry affected by technology makes the high barriers to entry of new enterprises the inverter companies seeking development need to continuously promote independent innovation of products and technology, so as to ensure the sound development of the inverter market and the healthy growth; addition inverter enterprises also actively introduce capital investment, open up new markets a wide range of strategies.

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