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H Series-High Performance PLC

H Series-High Performance PLC

  • H Series-High Performance PLC


Processing customized: Yes
Certification: ISO9001/CE
Model Number: H Series-High Performance PLC
MPU Points:16/24/32/40/60
Program capacity:48K steps
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h series programmable automation controller

◆ Program capacity:48K steps;
◆ Programmable automation controller have 20 models:There are MPU 16, 24, 32, 48, 60 points can option.
◆ COM port: Built-in RS232 and RS485 ports, compatible with Modbus ASCII/RTU Protocol, up to 3 communication ports and up to 5 non-communication modules.
◆ High-performance PLC AC220V or DC24V power supply;
◆ The platform update, using ARM+FPGA architecture, the processing speed increases more than 10 times;
◆ PLC module expandable to Max. 7 Modules;
◆ 4 groups of AB phase 200KHZ pulse output; 4 channels of 200KHZ pulse input;
◆ PLC use removable terminal blocks and use the rechargeable battery for saving real-time clock;

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