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General Inverter

General Inverter

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The inverter that can be applied to all loads is a general inverter. However, if there is a dedicated inverter occasions, using the special inverter is recommend for special inverter is optimized based on the characteristics of the load with a simple parameter setting, adjustable speed and better energy-saving features.

The characteristics of general inverter

1. Low-frequency torque output of 180%, low-frequency operating with good characteristics. Output frequency of 600Hz maximum and it can control high-speed motor.
2. A full range of detection and protection functions (overvoltage, undervoltage, overload) instantaneous power failure and then start.
3. Acceleration, deceleration, stall prevention while moving and other protection.
4. Motor dynamic parameter automatic identification function can ensure system stability and accuracy.
5. High-speed shutdown response quickly.
6. Rich and flexible input, output interface and control, versatility.
7. The use of SMT production and placement of the whole three anti-paint processing technology, high stability of the product.
8. The full range of IGBT power devices ensure high quality.

Selection specification

The correct selection of the frequency converter is critical to the proper operation of the control system. When selecting a frequency inverter, it is important to understand the load characteristics of the drive. In practice, people will often divided production machinery into three types: constant torque load, constant power load and fan, pump load.

Constant torque load

When the inverter is driving a constant torque load, the torque is large enough at low speed and the overload capacity is sufficient. If you need to run at low speed, you should consider the standard asynchronous motor cooling capacity and avoid motor temperature rise is too high.

Constant power load and fan

The coiler, uncoiler and others in machine tool spindle and rolling mill, paper machine, plastic film production line required torque, generally inversely proportional to the speed, which is the so-called constant power load. The constant power nature of the load should be in terms of a certain speed range.

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