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The Relationship Of Inverter And Motor

The Relationship Of Inverter And Motor

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1. Over-voltage protection
The output of inverter has the function of voltage detection. The inverter can automatically adjust the output voltage, so that the motor does not withstand over-voltage. Even if The inverter output voltage is disabled and the output voltage exceeds the normal voltage of 110%, it will stop to protect the motor.

2. Undervoltage protection

When the motor voltage is less than 90% of the normal voltage, the inverter will shutdown.

3. Overcurrent protection

When the motor current exceeds the rated value of 150%/ 3 seconds, or 200%/ 10 microseconds, the inverter can protect the motor by shutdown.

4. Phase protection

The inverter can monitor the output voltage. When the condition of output phase loss appear, the inverter will alarm and the drive will shutdown after a few time.

5. Reverse phase protection

The inverter make the motor can only rotate in one direction and the direction of rotation can not be set unless the user changes the A, B, C wiring phase sequence of the motor, otherwise there is no possibility of inverting.

6. Overload protection

The inverter monitors the motor current and protects the motor by stopping the motor when the motor current exceeds the rated current of 120% / 1 minute.

7. Grounding protection

The ground protection circuit equipped with Inverter generally contains ground protection transformers and relays. The the inverter will alarm when a phase or two phase grounded.

8. Short circuit protection

When the inverter output short-circuit, it will cause over-current, and the inverter will stop the motor to protect the motor within 10 microseconds.

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