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China Inverter Market Entered The Adjustment Period

China Inverter Market Entered The Adjustment Period

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Relevant agency data show that in 2014 China's general low-voltage inverter market (excluding wind power products) declined 2.2%. And this figure refreshed again in 2015. In the first three quarters of 2015, China's general low-voltage inverter market shrinking rate are more than 5% year. In 2015, in addition to the market of municipal, public facilities and a few people's livelihood-related areas remained stable, the main low-voltage inverter downstream applications industries are shrinking to varying degrees. The annual general low-voltage inverter market value decreased to be the lowest in the nearly five-year, low-voltage inverter products manufacturer are facing new changes and challenges.

Product Layout

In the new product development, Local brands not only continuing to cover the high-end market, but also gradually strengthen the industry segments of the semi-customization of product promotion. In the general market, "entirely differentiated" product market segmentation is no longer clear. Some of the downstream industry large customers have gradually developed through acquisitions or cooperative R & D mode.

price competition

Application mature, the market downturn is bound to bring more fierce price competition. For the young sales staff of the current line, the "low price" is still the "only" effective way to  snatch customers. Front-line sales staff "lean" leading to excellent corporate values can not be accurately passed to the customer which also further exacerbated price competition situation. The price competition between the European and American brands, Japanese and Korean brands, local brands  will gradually evolve into a more tragic overall competition.

Channel strategy

Large customers rely on direct marketing, while small and medium customers rely on the distribution. Every brand has its own characteristics for a channel system. Since 2015, the channel resources between the brand are mutual penetrate, and the mainstream brand channel strategy is also more flexible. At the same time, besides the capital expansion of domestic mainstream channel operators, upstream and downstream industry chain business development are seeking change.

marketing techniques

The mainstream low-voltage inverter manufacturers  gradually reduce the traditional industry show investment and strengthen investment to regional customers exchange activities to increase customer stickiness. In combination with the traditional "sweep the street" and "run a single" business model, online marketing, micro-marketing, capital cooperation and other new means are gradually applying at the same time. Some common means in the field of fast moving consumer goods also began to appear, such as: "TM", "limited time special", "full product life cycle service" and so on.

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