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General Servo Drive

General Servo Drive

This general servo drive is a new generation of digital AC servo driver, which is characterized by a high level of integration, installation of small size, the product is industrial automation production, energy saving and high efficiency ideal product. Compared with the traditional servo driver, the servo driver has the following advantages:
1, Motor power adapt to 220 V power input of 50 w ~ 2.6 KW, 380V power input of 2.6 KW ~ 11 KW.
2.It possess the torque, speed, position, point-to-point positioning and hybrid switching function;
3.Position control, speed control and torque control, general IO control and JOG(jogging function) control various control mode.
4.Built-in brakes system, which can meet the applications of large load.
5.Built-in 4 period of positioning control instruction, free planning point-to-point positioning control.
6.Servo motor with encoder, the position feedback signal to the servo drive with open loop position controller constitute a half closed loop control system.
7.Speed ratio is 1:5000, from low speed to high speed are possess stable torque characteristics.
8.The maximum speed of revolution can be arrived to 6000rpm.
Space voltage vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) compared with the traditional SPWM, the number of switch reduces the one-third of switching devices, DC voltage utilization ratio can be increased by 15%, which can obtain good harmonic suppression effect and easy to realize the digital control.
  • High-performance General AC Servo Drive High-performance General AC Servo Drive
    Wide power adaptable range: AC 220V, AC 220V±20%. Perfect protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and encoder fault. Control position precision ±0.01%. Overload capacity: 300% overload capacity
  • General Servo AC Drive General Servo AC Drive
    Main circuit control mode: SVPM control. IP rate: IP20. Torque limit: parameter setting mode. Frequency: Maximum 550Hz. Voltage range: 0~±1 0 V D C
  • General Servo Motor Controller Drive General Servo Motor Controller Drive
    Encoder resolution: 2500P/V. Main control mode: SVPM control. Control mode: Manual/automatic. Impulsbefehl mode: Pulse+symbol A phase+B phase CC pulse+CW pulse
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