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Application of SINOVO Frequency Inverter in the Mask machine

Application of SINOVO Frequency Inverter in the Mask machine

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The 2019 New Coronavirus epidemic has affected countless people's sensitive nerves, now the mask has been a key word appears all of the world in the people's mind.
A face mask is a sanitary product, it can stop harmful gases, odors and droplets from entering the wearer's nose and mouth. The types of masks are divided into flat masks, N95 masks, foldable masks, and so on.
Now the masks are in short supply, we SINOVO frequency inverter are well applied in the mask machine.

I. Brief Introduction:

The mask machine is to make various masks with a certain filtering performance by processes such as hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, welding of ear bands, nose bridge strips and other processes. Cooperate with multiple machines to complete various processes.

II. Mask Production Process

III. Advantages of SINOVO frequency inverter in Mask Control System

1) The low-frequency torque is large, and the starting torque can reach 180% at 1HZ.

2) Low noise operation is more suitable for personnel working environment.

3) Reliable seismic design improves product life.

4) The independent air duct design can prevent dust from entering the product and affecting its use.

5) The RS485 communication interface facilitates external communication.

IV. Application in Mask machine:

V. Ending

With the concerted efforts, definitely we can fight new Coronavirus successfully. the masks are in short supply during the time,  we SINOVO, as an R & D and production company of automation products, has provided frequency inverters, servo systems, and solutions to ensure the products needs in mask equipment manufacturers.

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