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Low Voltage Soft Start

Low Voltage Soft Start

Starter is a total pressure start, also called under-voltage startup. Hard start is full pressure start, big load electric starting current is large, it is not only for high boot device requirements, but also impact large on the circuit, so large equipment is usually adopts the way of soft start.Low voltage soft start is a heavy-duty, fully functional soft starter that provides solutions for the most demanding applications with excellent startup / stop& characteristics. Comprehensive motor protection scheme ensures long-term reliability, even in the harsh environment of robust design to ensure excellent performance. Suitable for heavy sea, marine and industrial applications.

Low voltage soft start is a kind of advanced digital and highly reliable soft starter,which provides advanced methods to reduce the current and torque in the motor starting process. The starting motor provides a soft start and smooth acceleration while the minimum current starting motor is required to provide a slowly increasing voltage. Low voltage soft start with numerical control internal bypass. Around the end of the process to start the process and save electricity.

Low voltage soft start provides an optimal solution for small to medium sized cars, with simple analog control. Easy to install and operate, but in the current limit and motor protection, low voltage soft start is an ideal cost effective alternative to the star delta and the type of auto transformer starting
  • Intelligent Motor Soft Starter Intelligent Motor Soft Starter
    Outline dimension: H1(mm)290, W1(mm)146,D(mm)160. Rate Input voltage/Frequency: AC 380V 50Hz. Adaptable Motor Power/Current: 45KW/90A
  • Low Voltage Soft Starter for Air Compressor Low Voltage Soft Starter for Air Compressor
    Three-phase mains voltage(VAC): 380V/660V±15%. Frequency: 50Hz. Adapt motor: Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor. Start frequency: Depending on overload condition and suggest not more than 20 hours per hour
  • Fan/pump Low Voltage Soft Start Drive Fan/pump Low Voltage Soft Start Drive
    Unique SCR trigger: special standard load and heavy load. Unique load application: Parameter built-in ten types of load for users choose. Multiple start-up and shutdown ways: voltage linear curve, current exponential curve and voltage linear curve. App
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