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Analog PLC Expansion

Analog PLC Expansion

  • Analog PLC Expansion


Shipping term: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS
Warranty: 180 days
Testing: Test parameter before shipping
Voltage: AC220V/DC24V
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◆PLC electronics hardware converter accurate: Analog module 12 bits A/D hardware converter, code range:0~32000, temperature module 16 bits A/D hardware converter.

◆ PLC power supply:All of these are DC24V power supply;
◆ Thermocouple kinds: S, K, T, E, J, B, N, R, Wre3/25, Wre5/26, [0,20]mV, [0,50]mV, [0,100]mV.
◆ Programmable controllers power supply: internal DC24V or external 220VAC optional;
◆ This series consists of 12 models , including analog , thermal resistance, thermocouple and DS18B20 temperature sensor  module, with 4-point,8-point and 32-point;
◆ It can be used as expansion module for any SINOVO PLC host;
◆ Thermal Resistance kinds: PT100,PT1000, Cu50,Cu100;
◆ Modules with RS485 port can be use as remote I/O;
◆ AI, AO supports 6 kinds of signal types: [4,20]mA, [1,5]V, [0,20]mA, [0,5]V, [0,10]V, [-10,10]V;

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